Online Video for Hero Eier Ravioli

We produced an entertaining video for the Swiss classic “Hero Eier Ravioli”, in which we ask ourselves the one question that has been dividing the country for generations: “Are ravioli eaten with a fork or a spoon?”

The video was spread as a teaser and full version via Radio Energy (Native Advertising), thus achieving a high coverage as well as a large number of interactions.


Client: Hero, Project: Hero Eier Ravioli online video

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Total Out of Store Distribution 2016

Towards the end of 2016 we realised an out of store sample distribution with Total, the number one washing detergent in Switzerland.


The goal of the promotion was convincing new customers of Total’s benefits by “bringing samples into their washing room”. It was implemented by 200 promoters handing out a total of 200’000 Total folding maps with a Total Aloe Vera sample as well as a flyer with a Cumulus voucher at the 14 largest train stations and the three largest shopping malls in Switzerland.

Total Verteilaktion, Sampling

A life-sized teddy was additionally present as a magnet for the pedestrian’s attention and to entertain both young and old.

Total Verteilaktion, Sampling

Client: Mibelle Group /Mifa AG, Project: Out of Store Sample Distribution

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Organising the 140-Year Anniversary for Webstar

On the occasion of their 140-year anniversary, we organised an in-house trade fair with over 50 exhibitors and subsequent anniversary celebration at the logistics centre of Webstar.


The day-to-day operations were to be disturbed as minimally as possible. For that reason, it was vital to handle setup and disassembly in the shortest possible time, and up to 50 employees were present at times in order to comply with this requirement.


Since the guests were to enjoy a stylish atmosphere for this event, the Webstar logistics centre was completely transformed and newly decorated. Pallets were piled up and illuminated in order to simulate a stylized skyline and provide some big city flair in the midst of Dielsdorf. Their logo colour, red, was used as a selective splash of colour throughout the fair and set a well-chosen contrast to the wood next to it. A 270° projection displayed images of cities, mountains, and space onto the walls of the warehouse


The 600 invited guests and suppliers were not only greeted with exhibitors from a variety of fields and ample catering, but also a captivating talk by guest speaker Claude Nicollier and, as a highlight, a performance by Marco Rima.


Following the fair, the slightly-modified locale was host to the anniversary celebration of the Webstar employees.


Client: Webstar; Project: 140-Year Anniversary, In-House Fair 2016

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On Tour with Total and the Teddy Bear

As with every year, our Total POS booth was augmented with several elements. 2016 was the year of Isby, the teddy bear from the campaign “Macht aus Braunbären wieder Eisbären” (“Make brown bears into polar bears again”). This time, little Isbys decorated the goods carriers as well as the balloon basket, which was part of this year’s prize competition.


To the joy of both young and old, a life-sized Isby entertained booth visitors on Saturdays and was available for cuddles and photos.


The balloon basket was equipped with two iPad-stations on which the competition form, programmed by us, could be filled out. Additionally, the prize mechanism was slightly adjusted – in the new one, either an Isby teddy bear or a Total bath towel were rewarded for every purchase above CHF 25.-.


Client: Mibelle; Project: On Tour with Total 2016

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Campaign and Sponsoring Concept for RIESEN

Commissioned by Storck, we were happy to once again implement the RIESEN campaign as well as the integrated sponsoring concept with the Schwinger Christian Schuler this year.


The 44. Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest (ESAF) in Estavayer was at the centre of the campaign. We created an on pack fanfold, displays for the POS, and advertisements for various event guides, and handed out the tasty RIESEN bonbons at eight regional Schwinger events in total.


All communication media directed to our RIESEN promotional website. Participants in the contest were able to win 3 x 2 tickets for the ESAF with the correct answer and a bit of luck.



The highlight of the campaign was the RIESEN booth at the ESAF. Apart from an all-you-can-eat buffet of RIESEN bonbons, visitors of the event could also provide proof of their dexterity at the cow-game “Swing the Ring”, win a variety of RIESEN giveaways as well as buy RIESEN fan articles at the booth.


Client: Storck, Project: RIESEN 2016

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Unilever: Lift Off with Lipton Sparkling

For our client Unilever we had previously launched the successful “Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea” in Switzerland. A complete novelty on the Swiss market, as ice tea mixed with sparkling water was still largely unknown. We were able to change this with various BTL actions.


More than 250 Streuplan promoters handed out over 400’000 ice-cold cans to commuters at 12 of the largest train stations in Switzerland. The sampling was linked to a contest and a special offer for the POS in order to generate a large amount of trials in short time.


A uniform key visual was developed for visual communication in the effort to represent the lightness and refreshing effect of the sparkling ice tea and used throughout the entire communication, from POS to advertisements, posters, and online banners.


Client: Unilever, Project: Lipton Sparkling, Photography: Johannes Diboky, CGI: Fluxif

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The Future of Payment with SIX, Part 2

Even the payment terminals of the Swiss market leader SIX Payment Services have an expiration date and need to be switched out periodically.


Customers of SIX received an early first notification in Spring 2016 that a security standard expiring at the end of 2017 would lead to the replacement of several payment terminals of the oldest generation.


This fall, a second wave of mailings was sent out with a consistently refined customer approach. We informed eight different customer segments with target-group-specific mailings about the individual special offers concerning the terminal replacement.


The info-hub about this topic forms the new website, which we were allowed to conceptualize and program. The responsive site features a prominent link to the web shop, but also everything about their new line of devices, “Telium Tetra” by Ingenico, amongst many other topics. The payment terminals of the newest generation are equipped to handle contactless and mobile payment and have a security standard that stays valid until at least 2026.

streuplan-news-six-phoenix-w2-3-800x550px streuplan-news-six-phoenix-w2-2-800x550px was also present – in a lighter version – in the mailings, in which the addressees were guided to a page by means of a contest where they were just one click away of the web shop and where the individual special offers concerning the terminal exchange could be ordered directly.



Client: SIX Payment Services, Project: SIX Phoenix 2016

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