Organising the 140-Year Anniversary for Webstar

On the occasion of their 140-year anniversary, we organised an in-house trade fair with over 50 exhibitors and subsequent anniversary celebration at the logistics centre of Webstar.


The day-to-day operations were to be disturbed as minimally as possible. For that reason, it was vital to handle setup and disassembly in the shortest possible time, and up to 50 employees were present at times in order to comply with this requirement.


Since the guests were to enjoy a stylish atmosphere for this event, the Webstar logistics centre was completely transformed and newly decorated. Pallets were piled up and illuminated in order to simulate a stylized skyline and provide some big city flair in the midst of Dielsdorf. Their logo colour, red, was used as a selective splash of colour throughout the fair and set a well-chosen contrast to the wood next to it. A 270° projection displayed images of cities, mountains, and space onto the walls of the warehouse


The 600 invited guests and suppliers were not only greeted with exhibitors from a variety of fields and ample catering, but also a captivating talk by guest speaker Claude Nicollier and, as a highlight, a performance by Marco Rima.


Following the fair, the slightly-modified locale was host to the anniversary celebration of the Webstar employees.


Client: Webstar; Project: 140-Year Anniversary, In-House Fair 2016