On Tour with Total and the Teddy Bear

As with every year, our Total POS booth was augmented with several elements. 2016 was the year of Isby, the teddy bear from the campaign “Macht aus Braunbären wieder Eisbären” (“Make brown bears into polar bears again”). This time, little Isbys decorated the goods carriers as well as the balloon basket, which was part of this year’s prize competition.


To the joy of both young and old, a life-sized Isby entertained booth visitors on Saturdays and was available for cuddles and photos.


The balloon basket was equipped with two iPad-stations on which the competition form, programmed by us, could be filled out. Additionally, the prize mechanism was slightly adjusted – in the new one, either an Isby teddy bear or a Total bath towel were rewarded for every purchase above CHF 25.-.


Client: Mibelle; Project: On Tour with Total 2016