The Future of Payment with SIX, Part 2

Even the payment terminals of the Swiss market leader SIX Payment Services have an expiration date and need to be switched out periodically.


Customers of SIX received an early first notification in Spring 2016 that a security standard expiring at the end of 2017 would lead to the replacement of several payment terminals of the oldest generation.


This fall, a second wave of mailings was sent out with a consistently refined customer approach. We informed eight different customer segments with target-group-specific mailings about the individual special offers concerning the terminal replacement.


The info-hub about this topic forms the new website, which we were allowed to conceptualize and program. The responsive site features a prominent link to the web shop, but also everything about their new line of devices, “Telium Tetra” by Ingenico, amongst many other topics. The payment terminals of the newest generation are equipped to handle contactless and mobile payment and have a security standard that stays valid until at least 2026.

streuplan-news-six-phoenix-w2-3-800x550px streuplan-news-six-phoenix-w2-2-800x550px was also present – in a lighter version – in the mailings, in which the addressees were guided to a page by means of a contest where they were just one click away of the web shop and where the individual special offers concerning the terminal exchange could be ordered directly.



Client: SIX Payment Services, Project: SIX Phoenix 2016